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Fusion Maia spa pool

Fusion Maia Danang Review

Fusion Maia spa pool[media-credit name=”Courtesy of Fusion Maia Danang” align=”aligncenter” width=”634″]

I’d been excited for weeks about staying at Fusion Maia Da Nang. Having never been to Vietnam before, it was an excellent opportunity for me to see a bit more of the world, but my main anticipation was for experiencing the concept that the resort lives by. I had heard good things about the place from a couple of people I know who had the pleasure of staying there, so expectations were certainly high.

What becomes clear straight away upon arrival is that there’s a heavy focus on the guest. We were greeted straight away by friendly Stars – Fusion Maia refers to its staff as Stars – and taken through the reception lobby into the Tonic bar. Here, we were also introduced to both the site manager and our assigned Fusionista, and then given a thorough explanation of what activities we could partake in as part of Fusion Maia’s Natural Living programme. Whilst the formalities were in process, a quick look around the Tonic bar gave the impression that we’d be able to really relax and wind down here. The bar and the adjacent Five restaurant sit on an open central structure, meaning that you can see the rest of the resort from the comfy sofas, elevated above a beautiful garden with manmade ponds and streams running underneath.

Our Fusionista, Hong, took us from the bar to our villa, via the spa and the gardens. Living in Hong Kong, it’s always good to spend a bit more time in green surroundings, particularly when they are as immaculately taken care of as this. The designs of the buildings that house the restaurant, lobby, bar and spa are simple but have a modern feel to it. The relaxed atmosphere is further enhanced by the casual and comfortable uniform that the staff are dressed in. The resulting warmth and smiles exuding from them are nothing but genuine, and I’m sure that the fact they are not constrained by their clothing plays a part in this.

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Our home for the next couple of days is a gorgeous pool villa. There are 80 of these types of rooms, and each one comes with its own private pool in the garden. These rooms have a minimalistic feeling to them, but not in a futuristic or cold way. Earthy, natural tones are used along with plenty of wooden furniture, making the mix a combination of comfort and modernity. In the villa, there’s a rotatable flat screen TV, an iPod dock and a coffee machine to make it feel like home. His and hers bathroom toiletries were set in the bathroom area, that included a stone bathtub and a ceiling to floor rainforest shower.

The L-shaped room design meant that there were three sets of sliding doors that could take us out into the private garden. Our swimming pool was accompanied by a couple of loungers and a more secluded outdoor sofa area. The privacy of the garden provides opportunities for sweet reflection, and as long as the weather is compliant, it’s likely you’ll spend much of your time out here.

On the other side of the bar and restaurant, you can take the walk down to the beach. Along the way, you’ll pass by the long water feature that runs in between the Feast poolside restaurant and the gym facilities. This is a lovely long stretch of water that is usually illuminated at night time to add a bit more special feeling to the place; we were even encouraged to light floating candles here, making it much more than just a visual spectacle. This is a place where wishes and memories are made.

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As the resort is still reasonably new, all the facilities still retain their initial glow and gloss. That’s not unexpected, so the real winner with Fusion Maia Da Nang is the hospitality. They make you feel so special, even as just regular guests, there’s something that they do to give you the impression that you’re singled out.

Perhaps it was the fact that almost every time that we came back to our villa, it seemed as though there was a new surprise waiting for us. For example, after spending the day out in Hoi An, we came back to find that our bathtub had been lined with candles and partially filled with flowers. We were also treated to a surprise cake during our stay. Gestures such as this really made a difference, definitely helping to make us fall in love with the place.

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Breakfast is served at both anytime and anywhere here. Whilst we weren’t able to experience ours on the beach front due to the weather, we did get close enough at the Feast restaurant. Although it was a shame we didn’t get to eat on the beach, it’s great having the flexibility of choosing where to have that first meal, and this offer also extends to Fusion Cafe in Hoi an. In the evenings, we dined at their main restaurant Five. The food was as good as what we expected and the menu had plenty of choice. It’s generally split into western, local and fusion cuisines, and we made a point of varying our options whenever we could. Again, it was the service that stood out for us here, with Stars only too happy to answer questions about the local cuisines and providing a bit more detail.

The emphasis on guest welfare is evident throughout. Part of Fusion Maia’s philosophy is built around their Natural Living programme, a week-long schedule that is designed to help you improve your health and spiritual being through activities and quality nourishment. Each day, there is a schedule led by specialist Stars. For someone such as myself, who had never really paid much attention to this perspective, it was an eye-opening experience. With discipline, I can easily integrate some of the advice into my daily life. The benefits are hard to explain, but having taken on board as much as I could, I sincerely feel as though I have improved many aspects of my being through a better diet and calmer demeanour.

My stay at Fusion Maia was one of my most enjoyable experiences. The physical quality of the resort is outstanding, partially due to the fact that it’s still quite new. You’ll get all of your standard modern amenities as expected, but what really sets it apart is far more subtle. An emotional feeling is hard to quantify, but once there, you will undoubtedly feel welcomed and very well taken care of. The Stars that roam around all stop and say hi, and ensure that your needs are fully met. Even though its been weeks since my stay, I’m still conscious of the Fusion Feeling that I arrived back home with, and it’s something that I have decided to prolong.