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Prague Castle

Things to do in Prague by Krisette Capati

Prague Castle[media-credit name=”Peyton Guan” align=”aligncenter” width=”600″]

It’s the place where fairy tale meets reality, where well-loved literary characters — Tomas, Tereza, Sabina, Franz, and a dog named Karenin in Milan Kundera’s “The Unbearable Lightness of Being” — come to life as you step foot in the city.

At the heartland of Czech Republic, Prague, the obvious quaintness of surroundings invites you to experience an unforgettable one-day itinerary. There are many cultural attractions to see and to immerse yourself, with gothic and renaissance scenery.

Spring and Fall are the best times to travel, yet the former is more tolerable and encapsulates my definition of ‘beauty,’ with flowers in effloresce.


Café Colore

If your hotel is just around the Old Town, you can’t miss Café Colore along Jungmannova Street. It’s one of the best spots to eat breakfast. It opens at 8 a.m. and serves great food at reasonable prices compared to other tourist spots cafés.

The relaxing Parisian and Venetian-inspired ambience and excellent customer service of the smiling staff is warm and inviting. It feels wonderful to sip a hot cup of coffee and munch tasty cinnamon twist and butter patties, or indulge in a heavy meal of spaghetti carbonara. The latter, by the way, is a must-try.

Palackeho 740/1, Prague, Czech Republic +420 222 518 816

Morning Activity

Old Town Square

Stroll and shop at the Old Town Square and if you can, wake up early and stroll along the streets and climb the famous Astronomical Clock Tower to see the top view of the city before breakfast.

After breakfast, you can check out the shops for some luxury brands or open market stalls along the way, where they sell different kinds of items – from clothing to bags, handcrafted art and souvenir and many more. The Charles Bridge and its museums are must-see sites. Just walk to the roundabout by Karluv and enjoy the sights.



School Restaurant and Lounge

To keep you energized for the long walks and adventure for this one-day itinerary, you don’t have to go beyond the Charles Bridge for lunch. School Restaurant and Lounge is just a few metres away. Go back and head east on Karluv most toward Křižovnická, turn right onto Smetanovo nábřeží, and you’ll find it on your left side.

It’s a non-smoking restaurant on the riverside with good food, great service and ambience. The virgin mojitos, tomato and mussel soup are a must-try.

Smetanovo nábřeží 205/22, 110 00 Praha 1


Afternoon Activity

TRAP Prague

TRAP Prague at Senovazna 8 is a real-life escape game you can play with your friends. It’s best to tag along two to three friends to make this adventure more fun and exciting. It’ll take you more than 30 minutes if you walk from Café Colore, which means you have to go back via Karlova and Centena, or take a public transit to get there in about seven to eight minutes.

The TRAP adventure gives you clues and brainteasers to crack the puzzles when you play inside the room. If you still have time for the rest of the afternoon, you can have a Prague underground tour at Male Namesti to see the hidden treasures and get a taste of medieval history underneath the city.


Dinner and Evening Activity

Prague Castle

Evening is the best time to visit the Prague Castle after the hustle and bustle of the crowd in the Old Town. The castle is rich with history and legends to marvel. You may have dinner at Restaurace Nostalgie for authentic native Czech cuisine before heading the streets for late night beer drinking at the Repete Bar, which is open until 3 a.m. for tourists, locals and expats.

Things to do in Prague

Things to do in Prague by Peyton Guan

Things to do in Prague[media-credit name=”Peyton Guan” align=”aligncenter” width=”600″]

No place on the planet is like Prague. Magical and mystical, the city has a charm that is hard to resist. With numerous cobbled lanes and ancient buildings and churches, the city has so many legacies embedded at each corner.


Hotel Prague

Start your day off at the Hotel Prague, whether you are staying the night there or no. A four-star hotel with a perfect location, it is located right on the corner of the famous Wenceslas Square, the heart of the city which is about a 10 minute walk from the main train station.

Ul. 28. října 378 / 15 (Václavské náměstí), 110 00, Praha 1, CZ

Morning Activity

Wenceslas Square

Wenceslas Square - Prague[media-credit name=”Peyton Guan” align=”aligncenter” width=”600″]


This is the very centre of the city where numerous cafés, restaurants, bars and stores are located for shopping and eating. It’s the major spot for local people’s social gatherings and also the best place to get to know the city shortly. It is an exciting place with a lot of locals and visitors, and a place to embrace the vibrancy and modernity of the old city.

Václavské náměstí, 110 00 Praha 1      

Old Town Square and the Astronomical Clock   

Astronomical Clock[media-credit name=”Peyton Guan” align=”aligncenter” width=”600″]

A ten-minute walk from the Wenceslas Square takes you to the famous Old Town Square, surrounded by breath-takingly beautiful Baroque buildings including the Tyn Cathedral and St Nicholas Church. Right on the Old Town Hall at the Southwest corner of the square, you will find the renowned Astronomical Clock — definitely not to be missed. It is said to be one of the few medieval astronomical clocks remaining in the world, telling the time, day, month, season, the sign of the zodiac and even the positions of the sun and the moon.

It is packed with crowds each hour because the little figures on the clock will start moving about on the hour, which is called “Parade of the Apostles”. Better come at least 15 minutes earlier if you want a good viewing spot.

Address: Staroměstské náměstí 4/1 110 00 Praha

Afternoon Activity

Prague Castle and St. Vitus Cathedral

St Vitus Cathedral - Prague[media-credit name=”Peyton Guan” align=”aligncenter” width=”400″]    

I took a tram and went across the river to the hill where sits the amazing Prazsky Hrad, known to be the largest castle complex in the world that dated back to the 9th Century. Entering the complex, you will see a spectacular architecture — the St. Vitus Cathedral.

Golden Lane[media-credit name=”Peyton Guan” align=”aligncenter” width=”600″]


The exterior is decorated with very intricate and beautiful carvings. The façade is old and murky, seemingly having undergone ages and ages of rain and wind. It could absolutely be ranked among the most divine churches I have ever seen. Inside the castle complex, you will also find a small street called “The Golden Lane”, a well-preserved medieval street with many colorful houses built in the 1500s. The lovely lane is worth a look but try not to buy anything from the souvenir shops, as the prices are usually twice higher than those at the bottom of the hill.

Address: Pražský hrad, 119 08 Praha 1


Restaurant Mustek

Piglet Dinner in Prague[media-credit name=”Peyton Guan” align=”aligncenter” width=”600″]

I went to Mustek for convenience because it was just next to my hotel and the food was surprisingly good. I tried the traditional local cuisine — roast piglet, which was so big and tasty that it perfectly satisfied my belly. The service was also very good and hospitable. A little jazz band of four old men was playing some joyful music at the hall, which made my dining even more delightful!

Address: Na Můstku 8, 110 00 Praha 1

Evening Activity

Charles Bridge

Prague Castle[media-credit name=”Peyton Guan” align=”aligncenter” width=”600″]

I went to the renowned Charles Bridge to watch the castle at night from far away. It’s so different at night because colorful lights light the castle, making it even more magnificent and mystical. With lights and contours flickering in the dark, the castle seems to be floating in the air. It seems so far away, unreachable and dreamlike. It overwhelmed me with its magical beauty. Built in the 15th century, Charles Bridge is one of the city’s most beautiful heritages. It was very romantic at night with dim streetlights along sides. No matter which direction you look from the bridge, you get the best views of Prague.

Address: Karlův most, 110 00 Praha 1