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Things to do in Boracay – Day One by Maria Marilyn Madrid

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Summer is coming in just a few more months and as they say, the early bird catches the worm. So why not make reservations for Boracay, one of the premier beaches in the Philippines, as early as now? And if you’re wondering what to do, we have just the right recipe to cook a fun filled day for you!

Assuming you’ve arrived on the island the afternoon or night before, you may have already spent a good night’s rest in preparation for an activity stuffed succeeding day. On your first day, what better way to spend it but through swimming?

But before you start skinny dipping under azure skies and crystal clear waters mirroring the sky’s hue, you can spend a heart filled breakfast through some of the restaurants in Boracay.



If you have no place in mind yet, how about Starbucks? I know it’s nothing new but it becomes special because it’s Starbucks in Boracay. All usual combinations of coffee and pastries are also available but you will love the breezy ambiance. It’s not due to the AC, but the breezy wind from the beach. You can even stay at the rooftop area overlooking the beach.

Boat Station 1, Boracay Island, Malay,  PH-AKL 5608 

Morning Activity

After a hearty breakfast, you can swim and skinny dip in the ocean the whole day or at least in the morning. Sun bathe along the sand or walk along the shoreline, familiarizing the shops and stores on the beachfront.

You’ll probably notice local business folks peddling their wares and services, some of which include henna tattoos and hair braids.


You will be overwhelmed with countless restaurants available on the island, so to help you out, so why not take a trip down D’ Talipapa for a seafood lunch? You can actually choose your own live seafood and request to have it cooked just the way you want it. It’s located in Station 2 and reachable by foot or through tri-bike services for hire.

Evening Activity

After a tiring swim day, you can eat a short meal for dinner and start enjoying a night out. You can choose a bar spread throughout the island’s three stations and order a few drinks while swaying to the music played by resident club DJs. You may also watch fire dancers performing along the seashore. But don’t let yourself get too tipsy, you still have many more activities to enjoy for Day 2.

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