Magellan’s Cross

Things to do in Cebu City by Virgie Cadiente

Magellan’s Cross

Cebu City is the capital city of Cebu Province and it is the first Spanish settlement in the country. Often called the “The Queen City of the South” and the “Seat of Christianity in the Philippines, Cebu is the country’s oldest city.

People of Cebu are enormously proud of their cultural and historical heritage, a legacy that has endured through centuries from the time the great explorer Ferdinand Magellan first planted the cross on Cebu shores. Cebu is best from December to May when the weather turns dry. It is coolest from December to February and hottest from March to May.


Usually you can find a buffet breakfast in a hotel but try ordering a Filipino food which consist of  danggit, (salted dried fish  best paired with hot rice and dipped in vinegar), eggs (can be boiled or sunny side up), and a hot native chocolate made of cacao.

Cebu is known for interesting sites like Basilica de Sto. Nino where you can find the miraculous Sto. Nino De Cebu image and Magellan’s Cross.  

Sto. Nino de Cebu is the patron saint of Cebu City. When you are a Catholic and you visit Cebu, the first thing you will do is visit the Basilica Minore del Sto.Nino where the miraculous image is found and when you are not a Catholic the more you have to visit the place for curiosity.

You may wonder why people fall in line just to kiss or wipe their handkerchief on the miraculous image. It is believed that the hanky they used to wipe can treat illness. You can also see people dancing inside the church with lighted candles in their hands.  The dance, coupled with prayer is an offering and dedicated to someone who is sick or someone who make a wish such as becoming pregnant and passing an exam. You can try it. Just pay for the candles and the one who recites the prayers.

Just located across the Basilica is the Magellan’s Cross. You should not miss seeing this first wooden religious cross being the most famous historical religious landmark of Cebu. It was planted by Ferdinand Magellan, the Portuguese explorer on April 14, 1521.

The original cross has been preserved (remnants of the cross) and sheathed in a bigger wooden cross and placed in a concrete pedestal inside a small building named “The Kiosk”.

When you get there, light a candle and make a wish.  People believe that the cross has a miraculous power that can fulfill wishes. Magellan’s Cross symbolizes the beginning of Christianity in the Philippines.


After the picture taking, take a ride and go to “STK Ta Bay sa Paolito’s Restaurant” located at Orchid St., Capitol Sit, Cebu City. You must try their “sutukil” food. It’s a Cebuano style of cooking.

STK stands for “Sugba, Tinola, Kilaw”. Sugba means grilled, Tinola means cooked in boiling water with spices (soup) and Kilaw means raw fish (seasoned with vinegar and spices). You can have three kinds of food in one recipe.

Afternoon Activity

Spend your afternoon at the Crown Regency Hotel and Towers and try their Sky Experience Adventure, an adventure experience in the heart of the  city. Soaring over the astounding Queen City of the South, this architectural masterpiece easily captivates all who seek opulence.

See the best of Cebu in their Sky Observatory by inserting a coin in a telescope that magnifies even the farthest places within Cebu.

Experience the breath-taking Skywalk by walking around the lucid glass flooring on the edge of the hotel tower and feel as if you are as free as a bird.

Don’t miss the unique ride, the Edge Coaster that slowly goes around the edge of the building high above on the 38th floor of the tower.  You are locked in a rail seat and you can tilt your seat up to 90 degrees and view Cebu while the Edge Coaster is moving. It’s like an out of this world experience.


The adventure package includes dinner, so dine at their restaurant that serves different kinds of foods like Japanese food, Russian food, Chinese food, Flipino food and desserts.

Evening Activity

Explore the hotel tower and if you feel tired you can go to their 4D theater  and experience the virtual adventure.  With their unique special effects, you can see amazing creatures that appears to be getting out from the screen or you can be in a place in the movie as if they are for real.  Enjoy the show.

*Image credited to thumbbook via flickr*

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