Kolta Train Station

Things to do in Jakarta for Backpackers by Sekar Dewi

Kolta Train Station

Heavy traffic jams and heavy pollution are what most people remember about Jakarta. But then once you have a friend here, Jakarta is THE place to hang out. So, you will either love it or hate it, same case as the durian, hence the nickname of the city is The Big Durian. As a big city, locals have complained how expensive everything is. But fear not, the city is still friendly for backpackers. They even have the backpacker area called Jalan Jaksa.


Have your breakfast earlier and fast wherever you’re staying. Remember we’re in Jakarta, unless we move fast we’re not moving anywhere.

Morning Activity

Hop to Trans Jakarta bus route 1 and stop at in front of Kota train station. It’s hot but do take time to admire your surrounding architectures. Welcome to Batavia (Jakarta’s name during the Dutch occupation) area. Walk straight to Fatahillah square and ask the bicycle riders to take you around the harbor, Pasar Ikan (Fish Market) area.


Jakarta’s Chinatown is not too far from Batavia area. If you’re up to something exotic , browse around Chinatown and you’ll be tempted to try the pi-oh (sea turtle soup). If you want something normal, ask your motor taxi (ojek) driver to take you to Nasi Ulam Misjaya at Kemenangan Street.

Afternoon Activity

Let’s go to National Museum, locals name it Elephant Museum due to nice elephant statue in the front of the museum. The museum has 2 buildings filled with historical (and pre historical) treasures from all over Indonesia. Go to the new building to get some cool air and ride to the 4th floor. They have nice collections of antique gold jewelry.

Dinner & Evening Activity

Jalan Jaksa has a lot to offer you for night time activities. Dinner options are abundance, beers (order a local Bintang beer) are cheap and they’re great to end your day in Jakarta.

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