Deck chairs at Nexus Resort

Things to do in Kota Kinabalu by Mun Yin Liu

Deck chairs at Nexus ResortMun Yin Liu

You’ll find Kota Kinabalu, affectionately known as KK, in the Malaysian side of Borneo Island, in the distract of Sabah. Depending on which side of KK you end up going to, you could either be actively jungle trekking, or contrastingly doing next to nothing on a beach.

Personally, I prefer the latter option, and we can begin doing nothing at Nexus Resort.


Get this out of the way. Hotel breakfasts are pretty much the same, and the one you’ll find at Nexus isn’t all that different. Having said that, it is good, and you’ll enjoy the huge variety they have, catering to both eastern and western tastes. Finish your breakfast and get moving to their private beach.

Morning Activity

Nexus Resort private beachMun Yin Liu

Not too far away from your breakfast, you’ll find the beach. It is simply beautiful, and no number of photos or words will really ever do it justice. Whether you’re on your own or with friends, you’ll enjoy spending the morning staring out into the South China Sea.

One of the best parts of staying at Nexus, is that you can choose to have one of their signature massages right by the beach. It’s a fun experience, and it makes a change from being stuck inside of a regular spa room.

Although you might feel a bit exposed to begin with, don’t worry, you’ll probably just fall asleep anyway!

Afternoon Activity

Head into the city. You can catch a shuttle bus from the resort, so don’t worry about transportation. It will drop you off right in the city centre after a half hour journey or so.

There’s a lot to see here, and I had a great time just wandering around. I did get a bit tired though, and ended up staying cool inside a shopping mall, Centre Point. I was amazed, however, by the super cool and laid back nature of the locals.

There are plenty of souvenir shop opportunities to be had, so take your fill at the little shops and stalls all around.


Satay skewers and setting sunMun Yin Liu

Kinabalu Yacht Club

Your next stop is the Kinabalu Yacht Club at Tanjung Aru. Of course, being in Malaysia, you must eat some satay skewers. You can’t lose here, it’s low cost and it tastes better than almost anything else you can think of. The Kinabalu Yacht Club usually has some sort of outdoor grill or barbecue cooking away, so order up, grab a drink and dig in.

If you’ve timed it right, you’ll be tucking into your skewers just as the sun goes down. It’s quite possibly one of the most memorable sights you’ll see. There’s a gorgeous setting sun, you have hot grub in your belly and you’re surrounded by easy going people – that’s an ideal moment to be in.

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