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Things to do in Macau by Julia

Macau street[media-credit id=16 align=”aligncenter” width=”634″]

The beauty of Macau lies beyond the abundance of tacky architectures, rowdy high-rolling gamblers and free drinks from the casinos. It’s interesting that as the gambling industry has been prospering, Macau’s historical heritage and unique Portuguese-Chinese flavors have also been well-preserved.


Lord Stow's Bakery[media-credit id=16 align=”aligncenter” width=”400″]

Lord Stow’s Garden Café

Need a coffee to freshen up the morning? Lord Stow’s Garden Café may be it.

Forget about the never-ending competition between the ex-couples Lord Stow and Margaret. When it comes down to Portuguese egg tarts, it’s Lord Stow’s location that wins me over.

Situated on Cordoaria Road, the charming café is a short ride away from the hustling touristy area. If you hit there early enough, take a seat and enjoy your egg tart and cappuccino in the café branch.

If it’s busy, head to the nearby Lord Stow’s takeaway branch nearby and enjoy it while checking out local stores at the waterfront.

Morning Activity

Rua do Cunha[media-credit id=16 align=”aligncenter” width=”400″]

The narrow souvenir street is filled with numerous local businesses, mostly snacks and restaurants.

Koi Kei at the beginning of the street sells many different kinds of beef and pork jerky as well as their signature almond cookies. You can try bits of everything before deciding which one you prefer.

There is another traditional pastry shop, Pastelaria Fong Kei, a few blocks away if you opt for something less commercial. But watch out for their notorious impatient service.

The tourist-infested souvenir street ends with a lovely dessert store selling durian ice cream – if you are a fan of durian – that leads to Rua Correia da Silva.

At this moment, most of the tourists will turn around or hop on a taxi for the next stop. But not you. Take a stroll along the street and you can see a lot of delicate Portuguese-colonial houses on Rua Correia da Silva.


Colonial Macau[media-credit id=16 align=”aligncenter” width=”400″]

Comida Portuguesa O Santos

If you are still hungry after the tasting trip you just did, head back to Rua do Cunha for some delicious Portuguese food.

Comida Portuguesa O Santos is where locals recommend going for an authentic Portuguese meal.

Book in advance.

20 Rua da Cunha, Vila de Taipa

Afternoon Activity

Legend says that the area used to house a hospital for leprosy patients.

The area with historical buildings including the famous Mercy Tangpozai Room is turned into Macau’s art and cultural area with galleries and cafes scattering in the neighborhood.

Buildings in bright colors and old European environment turn the area into one of the most romantic spots for lovers, especially Calcada da Igreja de S. Lazaro.


Ao Grama[media-credit id=16 align=”aligncenter” width=”400″]

Ao Gram

With a modern design and away from the rest of the tourists, I was (and our taxi driver was) as suspicious as you probably are now. But disbelief was soon turned into amazement.

Sitting in a residential area, Prince Flower City, Ao Grama is a hidden gem of delicious and authentic Portuguese food. The roasted pork was juicy and savorous and Refogados, the stew rice in tomato and crab broth, is unforgettable.

Rua de Coimbra n°138, Prince Flower City Block 2, Shop M, Taipa, Macau

Evening Activity

More souvenir shopping at Rua da Felicidade. The street was used to be a red light district before becoming the Cultural Village of Chinese and Western. Apart from some old streets, it is also home to a well-reserved area of Qing dynasty buildings (look up and see the traditional red windows) as well as 19th century European houses.

If you still have time, okay, you can go take a jumping shot in front of the Ruinas da Antiga Catedral de Sao Paulo.

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