Boat in Honda Bay

Things to do in Palawan – Honda Bay by Virgie Cadiente

Boat in Honda Bay[media-credit name=”ewen and donabel | flickr” align=”aligncenter” width=”634″]

Honda Bay is located at Sta. Lourdes, Tagbanua, Puerto Princesa, Palawan, Philippines.  Known as “The Last Frontier”, Honda Bay is one of the Philippines’ premier tourist destinations.  Honda Bay is composed of numerous islets with shallow reef adjoining wonderful beaches.  Each island at Honda Bay offers diverse excitement, and it is a perfect place for sun seekers, snorkel lovers and divers.


I am on a diet so I am looking for something light for breakfast and I found this famous Vietnamese food at Rene’s Saigon Restaurant.  They serve this Vietnamese noodle called Chaolong.  It is a rice noodle in sweet broth and meat that can be garnished with bean sprout and mint leaves. It tastes good and if you are on diet you can try it too.

Morning Activity

I want to experience island hopping  at Honda Bay, so I join a group with the same objective. We take a van and head to Santa Lourdes Wharf where pump boats can be hired to take us to the island of our choice.

Luli Island

My first island destination. This island is more of a sandbar than an island and abundant in mangroves.  It sinks as the tide rises and it rises when in low tide, thus the name LuLi (Lu means lulubog- sinks, Li means lilitaw – emerge or rise).  I enjoy fish feeding but did not try diving, but I took a walk end to end on the long sandbar barefooted and kept looking of the footprints that I left behind.  It reminds me of the song “Footprints in the Sand”.  I spent the rest of my time here swimming while waiting for lunch.


Lunch was prepared by the tour guide.  The group ate all time favorite Filipino food such as  grilled pork, grilled tuna jaw, kinilaw (raw fish in vinegar spiced with onions, ginger, squeezed calamansi  juice and salt) and of course rice with soft drinks.

Afternoon Activity

The Pambato Reef

We continue our island tour to this non-island destination, the Pambato Reef which is often introduced to tourists as “Mini-Tubbataha”.  This is really the place for the snorkel enthusiasts as there is an area of water set aside for snorkeling and for underwater viewing.  I joined other groups in snorkeling and with the guide I saw amazing underwater sights like corals, giant clams, and rare species of fish.

It’s just sad that I don’t have an underwater camera to take pictures under the sea but I have lots of pictures taken anywhere in the place. By the way, snorkel paraphernalia is available at the wharf for rent.  After snorkeling, we proceed to another island.

Cowrie Island

Most tourists will come to this island to enjoy the rays of the sun, and get an hour of rest.  They have a café that serves short order foods and halohalo but I did not join the group in their eating session, instead I explored the island as the island was so inviting.  I stayed here for an hour and enjoy swimming but do remember to take a fresh water shower before going back to the hotel.


Kinabuch Grill and Bar

Tourists said not to miss going to Kinabuch Grill and Bar, so after I had a short rest, I took a tricycle ride then headed to the said bar.  The place is open and clean, but there are so many people here dining.

As I looked at their menu a green colored dish caught my eyes.  It’s called “gising-gising” (mongo and kangkong cooked in coco cream with hot chili).  It’s so spicy but tasty, everyone would love the taste of it. I was also tempted to order “crispy pata” as it looks so delicious in picture and it is.

After a sumptuous meal, I stayed for a while and listened to the music and after a couple of minutes, I decided to go back to the hotel.  I had a long day, tired of the trip and I want to have a rest.

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