Singapore at night

Things to do in Singapore by AMANDADNAMA

Singapore at night

Located right on the equator, Singapore is one hot melting pot of Asia. Once a British colony and formerly part of Malaysia, the inhabitants in Singapore are culturally diverse.

The Lion City is also hot for the spicy Southeast Asian food, bikini ladies on Santosa, and the deepest jungle of Night Safari.


Ban Lan Cake

Green ring-shaped cakes made with ban lan leaf juice.
It tastes a bit like coconut with a slight hint of grassy smell.
Best served when you just take it out from the fridge with hot cappuccino.
Kueh Lapis is a sweeter cake which is more suitable for afternoon tea.

Available from Bengawan Solo at the Changi Airport.

Morning Activity:

Adventure Cove Waterpark

Adventure Cove Waterpark


To avoid the long lines, begin your day heading to the popular Rainbow Reef, for a 15-minute snorkelling session with the coral reef fishes.

Another special feature of this park is that you can float along the continuously flowing stream ring which takes you to different parts of the park, instead of walking on land.

There are also photographers in the park taking pictures for you so no worries about getting your Canon 7d wet!


Nasi Lemak

Outside of the water park and Universal studio, there is a Malay Street Food Court. While the food is mediocre, Nasi Lemak is a dish that is worth trying.

Nasi Lemak is a dish of rice cooked with coconut milk, fried chicken, and served with a special sauce that tastes like a blend of curry and satay with slices of ginger and dried little fishes. This is not authentic, because it is located at a touristy place but is good enough to be remembered.

Afternoon Activity:

Souvenir time!

China town of Singapore. Besides the Ban Lan Cake, another famous snack from Singapore is pork jerky. There are two famous stores for it, but Lim Chee Guan is hard to find outside Singapore and is more tasty. For people who like spice, go for the spicy pork jerky. Yummmm!

After that, you could check out the store that sells everything about the cartoon Tintin. There is also an Indian Temple which could be interesting to people who hadn’t visited India.


Le Chausser

Le Chasseur


This restaurant’s name sounds like French, but it’s en fait a Chinese restaurant in homemade style. But still, this is Chinese food in Singapore style. While the ingredients are same as common Chinese dishes, the combinations of ingredients use should be surprisingly new to people from China.

Recommended dishes are crispy pork knuckle, and the dessert, yellow bean soup with deep fried dough (see photo), which tastes like popcorn!

Evening Activity:

Singapore Flyer at night

The Singapore Flyer is not only ferris wheel that takes you 165m from the ground for the best nightview of Singapore, but also a romantic dining place and afternoon tea venue.

Night Safari

At this point, you may have had enough with the city side. Explore and get in touch with mother nature in the Night Safari and get surprised by the witty entertainment show.

The show will give you a brief background of the animals you will meet later on and make sure you get to sit in the first few rows to participate!

There is a bus ride that takes you around the zoo, but the most interesting animals e.g. flying squirrels are not included in this tour. So walking around a bit would be a good choice after the ride.

*All images credited to AMANDADNAMA*

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