Bugis Street

Things to do in Singapore by Yenny Suryadi

Bugis Street

Singapore, also known as the LionCity, is the most influential country in South East Asia. The country has a stable economy, great recreation places, modern medicine, a good educational system and is known to have a low crime rate. The country is small, you can go nearly everywhere in Singapore by the public transportation, such as the MRT.

Morning Activity

Chinese Garden

It is a perfect thing to begin your morning with having a leisure walk around the Chinese Garden. The view is breathtaking, the air is clean, and you can see a different kind of Chinese architecture building here.

The Garden’s main features are the Bridge, the MainArchBuilding, the Stone Boat and Tea House, the Pagoda, the Pavilion, the BonsaiGarden, and the Garden of Abundance.

In the last place you will find sculptures of the 12 Chinese Zodiac animals. Usually, the elderly use this garden to take a morning walk, taking in the mixture between Chinese and Japanese architecture.

1 Chinese Garden Singapore 619795. No entrance fee.

Day Activity

Bugis street

Bugis street is the largest street-shopping location in Singapore. The price there is really cheap but the quality is good.  You can bargain almost on every item, especially the souvenir items.

They also have nice clothes and accessories for the ladies. The area is massive and you can walk and shop for hours without feeling bored, so make the most of it by taking your time to check everything out.


Ajisen Ramen

After walking and shopping in crowded Bugis Street, it’s time for lunch. You don’t need to go far, because the restaurant is in Bugis as well. Head over to Ajisen Ramen, a Japanese restaurant that specialises in ramen noodles.

There are many branches of this restaurant in Asia.  Their food concept is making healthy food with great nutrition. So it is a perfect place to taste delicious and healthy food that are at affordable prices.

Try ordering the Ramen. It has a BIG portion, so it is perfect for a person with BIG appetite.

Ajisen Ramen, Parco Bugis Junction, Singapore 188021, +65 6333 9512


Quayside Seafood Restaurant

Clarke Quay is famous for its restaurants and nightclubs. You’ll find the area alongside the Singapore River. The scenery is beautiful, especially at night, and there are more than 20 different restaurants or bars, so you can pick your own food there.

If you want to try the seafood, I suggest you dine at Quayside Seafood restaurant.

Quayside Seafood Restaurant, Blk 3A Clarke Quay, Alfresco, Singapore 179021, +65 6338 3195 

Evening Activity

If you are an adrenaline junkie, try the GMax, Singapore first and only reverse bungy or GX-5 which enables 5 people to free fall from 40 metres, slicing through the sky, at approximately 100 kph, swinging up and down, or if you want a leisure evening you can take a scenic route along the Singapore River with HIPPO River Cruise.

*Image credited to Mini Yoshi~ on flickr*

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